Trusted Service
We are a commercial cleaning and sanitation company
serving CT for over 20yrs helping our customers like
you maintain and keep a clean, healthy and germ free
environment. We are your “Go Green” cleaning
company that saves you money…..and that’s just one
thing that sets us apart from the competition. We have a
“Satisfaction Guarantee” policy or that day could be free.

We encourage all of our customers to compare our
services to our competitors.  And you don’t have to pay
more for our services. As a matter of fact, we found that
we are about 15-20% less monthly than the competitors.

  • Green Cleaning: Think forward, think future.

  • Building Relationships: Our customers may already be yours.

  • Open Service Agreements: Don't be bound to lengthly contracts.

  • Satisfaction guaranteed:  If we don't get it right, the day could be free!

  • Safety: All roads start somewhere, safety first because injuries last
Compare and ensure you too are receiving the basics