When you Go Green, you can expect Clean Choice to:

  • Provide a healthier environment by improving indoor quality
  • Use HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Absorbing) filtration
    with vacuums
  • Use hypoallergenic non-toxic chemicals that are
    environmentally safe
  • Reduce the spread of illness that can cause your employees to
    decrease their productivity
  • Save your company $$$
Green Cleaning

For years cleaning companies have been primarily focused on
keeping your environment clean...and seeing was believing!  
Now, with the importance of clean air and the use of
hypoallergenic non-toxic chemicals, we have taken cleaning to a
whole new level providing our customers with a friendly green
environment that promotes health by improving indoor quality.  
Our focus is not just cleanliness, it is total customer care
improving environmental quality and a value added service that
is right for you.
Green Cleaning
Health Based Cleaning